Heru Urban Farming wants to make fresh produce more equitable in St. Louis

Tyrean “Heru” Lewis was on the search for fresh produce. He headed to grocery stores in the city of St. Louis – one on the north side and one in Midtown – and he realized that the selection of fruits and vegetables was abysmal. So, he decided to take a drive out to Clayton and, in stark contrast, found the selection to be bountiful. He then took it a step farther and went all the way to West County, where he was wowed. 

“They had everything,” Lewis says. “So I told myself, ‘This ain’t right. Why my neighborhood don’t have this?'” 

Article Link: https://www.feastmagazine.com/st-louis/article_300d9530-3a35-11eb-a873-bbad0eb01323.html