Hello new friends! My name is Tyrean Lewis and I’m the Founder & CEO of Heru Urban Farming located in St. Louis, Missouri. I am a fourth generational farmer and I’m proud to say that I put my spirit, soul and energy into my craft. 

Today, I’m going to share with you my TOP 5 organic tips that I use to prevent pests, rodents, and other unwanted intruders from my garden.  

  1. Marigolds are your friend! Not only are these beautiful flowers great pollinators; they also attract helpmate insects such as ladybugs, wasps, flies, and other “good bugs” that will prey on “bad bugs” that want to invade your garden space.
  1. Mint is a breath of fresh air!  I use mint in my garden to keep away opossums, rabbits, and mice. The best thing about mint is that it is a good natural mosquito repellent.
  1. Irish spring soap is not only for taking showers!  I cut a bar of Irish spring soap in half and put it in a sock along my fence line to keep rodents away. the smell after it rains adds an extra aroma that the rabbits and rodents hate.
  1. Onion and Garlic are good to eat but the aroma also keeps rodents and some pests and unwanted insects away as well.
  1. Cayenne Pepper might make you cry but you will feel much better when you realize you can use it to keep bugs and rodents out of your food and flowers.

I hope you find this list helpful and if you try out any of these tips, let us know! 

Be sure to check out our social media pages for more tips, behind the scenes at the farms, and to learn about where we will be setting up shop in a neighborhood near you. 

Happy growing!

— Tyrean